3 huge password disasters

3 huge password disasters

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Three huge but common password disasters are being committed every day by your staff.

And now a local IT security expert is warning bosses to check for them… then take urgent action to protect their business.

“We see these disasters happening all the time. People don’t realise how dangerous they are,” said John Miller, of …

Don’t save your passwords like this

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Microsoft is always introducing new features and services to keep your people safe online, and your data secure.

As a business owner or manager, you should already know that weak or reused passwords are one of the biggest risks to data security.

A new update coming soon to Microsoft Edge will give you access to …

Never use your browser’s password manager

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Microsoft Edge is introducing a new and improved password manager. But we think you should avoid it. Watch this week’s tech update video to find out why.

If you’re serious about keeping your data secure, you’ll know you should never reuse passwords across different accounts.

Creating strong new passwords and keeping track of them is …

It’s time to check your business’s defences against the threat of Russian cyber attack

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While the cyber security of your business should always be a high priority, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine means that businesses may be at an increased risk of cyber attack.

Although there is no direct threat at present, the West is placing a range of sanctions on Russia. There could be retaliation, and Russia has used …

A password manager makes life simpler

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How’s your manager working out for you at the moment?

Not the one with the mountain of work on their desk. Your password manager.

You do have one, don’t you?

Because, you know how important it is to use a unique, randomly generated password for every app you use, and site you visit.

Don’t …

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