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Tech Update: Ransomware – would you pay?

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Would you pay cybercriminals if they stole your data with a ransomware attack? The majority of business leaders who’ve already been attacked say they would – and we explore why in this week’s Tech Update video.

Ransomware is a terrifying crime – and most businesses aren’t aware of it.

It’s where cyber criminals break into …

Three clever tricks to get more out of Teams

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Most businesses that rely on Teams agrees it’s an incredible tool for communication and collaboration.  We have a few clever tricks you can do with Teams. Here in our video are three you might not have seen before.

In just a few years Teams has risen to become the central hub for the way your …

3 easy upgrades to improve your video call setup

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Early on in the first lockdowns in 2020, did you ever sit at your computer and think “I really like working from home”?

Or were you the opposite; desperate to get back into a building and meet with other people like in the old days?

Whichever was the case – and whether you feel the …

Tech Update: Improve your video call setup

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Video calls aren’t going anywhere thanks to hybrid working. Do you want to give your home or office video call setup an upgrade? So you look and sound better? Here are three easy upgrades to improve your video call setup.

Early on in the first lockdowns in 2020, did you ever sit at your computer …

3 huge password disasters

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Three huge but common password disasters are being committed every day by your staff.

And now a local IT security expert is warning bosses to check for them… then take urgent action to protect their business.

“We see these disasters happening all the time. People don’t realise how dangerous they are,” said John Miller, of …

Is a passkey going to kill passwords?

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No-one likes passwords.

Creating them. Remembering them. Typing them in.

Your whole mood can change when an application you’re using suddenly logs you out, and you have to go through login all over again.

It’s frustrating for everyone.

So here’s some very welcome news, courtesy of Microsoft, Apple and Google. The tech giants have joined …

Tech Update: Is this the end of passwords… forever?

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Could we be just a few years away from the death of passwords? Microsoft, Apple and Google have joined forces on a new initiative to kill it dead. Here’s what they have planned as a replacement.

If you HATE creating new strong passwords every time you sign up to something, this news is going to …

What could digital IT transformation do for your business?

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As an ambitious business owner, you’re always looking for new ways to help your business develop, improve and grow, no matter how successful it already is.

You’ll also want to improve the experience for your customers.

And of course, you’ll be aware that your IT infrastructure plays a big part in this growth and the …

Microsoft Teams gets three new features

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The use of Microsoft Teams has just exploded in the last few years, and it now boasts 270 million people using it every month.

Of course, it was the right tool at the right time when we all rushed to working from home at the start of the pandemic.

But the growth of Teams has …

Three new Microsoft Teams features to look forward to

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Microsoft Teams keeps getting better and better. There are lots of new features being launched over the coming months – here are three we’re looking forward to.

What’s the one business tool you’d be most upset to lose?

For many businesses that would be Teams.

It’s loved the world over. And was one of the …

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