Microsoft Teams gets three new features

Microsoft Teams gets three new features

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The use of Microsoft Teams has just exploded in the last few years, and it now boasts 270 million people using it every month.

Of course, it was the right tool at the right time when we all rushed to working from home at the start of the pandemic.

But the growth of Teams has …

Three new Microsoft Teams features to look forward to

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Microsoft Teams keeps getting better and better. There are lots of new features being launched over the coming months – here are three we’re looking forward to.

What’s the one business tool you’d be most upset to lose?

For many businesses that would be Teams.

It’s loved the world over. And was one of the …

Is your team still working at 10pm?

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If you have people working remotely in your business, you’re probably used to emails flying around at all hours of the day or night.

Working from home has been life-changing for some. Your people are able to be more flexible with their time during the day, fitting in time for school pick-ups and appointments where …

Two thirds of remote workers use a faulty device so they don’t get into trouble

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A new report has discovered that 67% of remote workers are using a faulty device when they work remotely.

And often that’s because they’ve accidentally damaged the tech themselves… they don’t want to admit it to their boss in case they get into trouble.

A company that sells refurbished technology surveyed 2,500 UK employees.

It …

Tech Update: Two thirds of remote workers are using faulty tech

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Did you know two thirds of remote workers don’t report accidental damage to their work laptop, because they’re scared of getting into trouble?

Many swap to their personal devices instead. Our latest tech update video explains why this is a big data security “no no” – and what you can do to help your staff …

You’ll soon be able to view LinkedIn profiles in your Teams chats

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Did you know about this great improvement to business communications? Well Microsoft isn’t just about Windows, 365 and Xbox. It also owns THE business social media platform LinkedIn.

And now the tech giant is going to bring together two of its most popular apps – LinkedIn and Teams – to help you and your people …

Some of your staff REALLY want to work from home permanently. Here’s how you can make it happen

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Remote working has really come of age in the last two years when may of us have had to work from home.

Many people have loved it, while others realised they preferred an office environment.

But would you hazard a guess at how many people would like to make remote working a permanent option?

According …

Tech Update: Some of your staff REALLY want to work from home permanently

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You won’t believe what percentage of employees would happily take a reduction in salary, so they could work from home permanently.

And you certainly won’t believe how much income some are willing to sacrifice. We’re looking at the shocking results of a new remote working report in this week’s video.

Do your staff prefer working …

Five types of remote workers and how to support them

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As a business owner you know that a great team is what makes your business successful, but how a team operates and where it operates from has changed over the years. What worked when you started up no longer works as well and you know that your customers want better and faster services from your …

We All Knew Tech Would Make Work Better

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By 2025, 75% of the workforce will be comprised of Millennials. What are you doing to modernise your workplace? Today, the answers are increasingly nuanced, characterised by a cycle of changes in the workplace.

After a revolution in the workplace spurred by technology, companies are finding that a balanced approach may be the most effective. …

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