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Locky Virus hits 9 Out of 10 UK Businesses

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Last week we were alerted by one of our clients that they suspected a virus was on their computer. And this week we have been contacted by another of our clients about suspicious activity. In both cases we visited the client to find out exactly what was going on. We found that the problem was …

A Spring Clean for your Laptop!

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Upgrading your laptop software can sometimes be extremely difficult especially if you aren’t familiar with software and technology!

Laptops in particular can be a little fragile at times due to being portable and because generally then get moved around a lot during the day especially if you work from multiple locations. Laptops can start to

60% of Businesses in the UK are Affected by Crime

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Alex’s Story

60% of businesses in the UK are affected by crime each year and this costs a staggering £5bn, with a staggering 10% of business lost as a consequence of crime.

At Smarter Technologies we have been carrying out CCTV Installation for a number of organisations in the fight against crime. During my apprenticeship I …

Crunch Time… My First IT Exam

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Jake’s Story

As many of you may know I am well in to my apprenticeship at Smarter Technologies. I have been working both practically and attending Bury College in order to understand all aspects of IT.

It was now time for me to complete my first exam of the course. The exam concerned computer …

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