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Building My First PC!

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Jake’s Story

One of the first tasks I was given was to build a PC and I felt a little daunted to say the least. However it was an interesting task because building a computer from scratch gives you the perfect machine for your needs or a clients needs! It takes the mystery out of …

Outsourcing Your IT Support – The Benefits!

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No matter what type or size your organisation is it undoubtedly relies heavily on IT systems in some way. It could be payroll, operational processes or even CCTV operations. In this blog we are going to evaluate why outsourcing IT support rather than keeping it in-house  is a much more convenient solution for most organisations …

A Life of Cyber Crime

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Cyber crime is one of the fastest growing criminal crimes on the planet! It’s estimated that organised gangs of cyber criminals from about 25 different countries specifically target the UK.

Cyber crime covers a wide range of illegal activity from financial scams, computer hacking, virus attacks and many more!

Smarter Technologies have put together how …

Start the New Year with a Bang!!

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Lets start the New Year with a bang! The New Year is a great time to look at your organisation whether that’s a charity , SME or large company and decide if any changes or improvements can be made.

We all know how much technology can make our lives easier and more efficient. But many …

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