See if your business’s data is for sale with dark web monitoring

See if your business’s data is for sale with dark web monitoring

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The dark web is used by cyber criminals to buy and sell personal data online.

If your information is found on the dark web, it means that your data’s been breached. And an attack on you is more likely in the future.

The dark web is seen as the underbelly of the Internet. It is …

Covid-19 is an amazing opportunity for cyber criminals

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Because of COVID-19, we’re spending more time at home, and more time online.

This creates a lucrative opportunity for cyber criminals. They’ll do anything they can to scam innocent people and businesses.

There’s already been a huge number of COVID-19 related phishing attacks. Which is why you and your business need to stay alert.

If …

Your employees are your biggest cyber security threat

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Cyber crime is a real threat which should be taken very seriously, but a good cyber security process can help.

To protect your business, you may already have some measures in place. Such as anti-virus software, firewalls and a virtual private network.

But do you know what the biggest threat is, to your business?

Your …

Protect your PC from viruses and malware

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Many of us are still working from home despite the Covid-19 lock down easing. When you were office-based your IT support team took care of data security measures for you, but now that you’re working from home you may need to do some IT support yourself. To make working from home more secure you need …

Understand online threats

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The internet offers a massive amount of useful technology and information however along the way it presents threats, so we have provided a guide to the different threats you should know about. Malicious software, or malware, is the term used when referring to computer viruses, spyware and other software that is intended to harm your …

Security Selfies to Replace Passwords?

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We all know passwords can easily be forgotten, stolen or intercepted and we all know it happens far too often. That’s why many companies particularly ones which deal with large amounts of customer’s money are trying to find new ways to protect accounts and eliminate cybercrime. One way MasterCard have trialled doing this is through …

The Importance of IT Support for SME’S

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A poll taken by YouGov of 1,057 Microbusinesses in the UK found that although 85% of business owners polled used Microsoft Office programs, 65% were using old versions. This shows just how much businesses may be missing out on IT support and advice which could help increase efficiency, time and more importantly money!

Not only …

A Life of Cyber Crime

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Cyber crime is one of the fastest growing criminal crimes on the planet! It’s estimated that organised gangs of cyber criminals from about 25 different countries specifically target the UK.

Cyber crime covers a wide range of illegal activity from financial scams, computer hacking, virus attacks and many more!

Smarter Technologies have put together how …

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