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Businesses are spending more on IT this year

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As a business owner or manager, you know how important good IT is. Your business couldn’t function without it. But are you spending enough on IT to really benefit your business?

Your IT isn’t just about computers and data. It’s everything from your phone system, to your printers, to where you access your documents.

And …

Want to be even more productive? Try Microsoft Lists

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Over the past couple of years we’ve all benefited from so many new productivity tools. It’s been great.

But if your core problem is just getting organised, there’s nothing better than a list. Especially Microsoft’s List tool.

Watch our latest video to see how it integrates with other apps you use, such as Teams.

When …

Globally IT spending is increasing

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Prices are shooting up. Inflation is up, the price of petrol is up, and energy prices are rising. Yet businesses are increasing their IT spend this year. Globally IT spending should hit a massive 3.3 trillion pounds this year.

Businesses are happy to keep spending on IT to stay flexible, maintain good data security and …

Is your team still working at 10pm?

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If you have people working remotely in your business, you’re probably used to emails flying around at all hours of the day or night.

Working from home has been life-changing for some. Your people are able to be more flexible with their time during the day, fitting in time for school pick-ups and appointments where …

Is your team’s productivity still good at 10pm?

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If you send an email to your team late at night, would they feel compelled to reply? According to Microsoft’s CEO, that could kill productivity.

Watch our latest tech update video to find out why, and what you can do to remove your business’s culture of after-hours emails.

Have you noticed when your team work …

Will Workspaces solve this?

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We all have different ways of working. Some of us prefer to have a minimal amount of things displayed on our screens. Others thrive when everything is open and in sight.

But we can all agree that having 20 tabs open in your browser at any one time has a negative effect on productivity.

Simply …

Your essential cloud migration strategy checklist

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Everyone’s heard of the cloud. But do you know really what it is?

It’s likely you already use it in your personal life, perhaps to store digital photos and documents, or even for backing up your phone.

When you access something in the cloud it means you are accessing information or using an application that’s …

You need this feature if your browser has too many tabs open

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How many tabs do you have open in your browser right now? 20, 30, 50… more?

If you have to wade through dozens of open tabs every day, this new feature in Microsoft’s Edge browser is going to save you a lot of time.

One of the most annoying things when you’re busy working is …

Russian cyber-attack threat

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The ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine has led to a sharp rise in cyber-attacks.

And while many of the attacks are between these two countries, there is very real potential for other countries to fall victim to cyber-attacks by Russia, thanks to the sanctions placed upon it.

Over in the US, President Joe Biden declared …

Is that really your boss on a video call?

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A clever new fraud is being targeted at staff – where criminals impersonate their boss on a video call to steal from the business’s bank account.

Cyber security expert John Miller, of Smarter Technologies Ltd says it’s too easy for staff to be fooled.

“Imagine you were on a video call with your boss. That’s …

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