Want to be even more productive? Try Microsoft Lists

Want to be even more productive? Try Microsoft Lists

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Over the past couple of years we’ve all benefited from so many new productivity tools. It’s been great.

But if your core problem is just getting organised, there’s nothing better than a list. Especially Microsoft’s List tool.

Watch our latest video to see how it integrates with other apps you use, such as Teams.

When …

Your essential cloud migration strategy checklist

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Everyone’s heard of the cloud. But do you know really what it is?

It’s likely you already use it in your personal life, perhaps to store digital photos and documents, or even for backing up your phone.

When you access something in the cloud it means you are accessing information or using an application that’s …

Five types of remote workers and how to support them

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As a business owner you know that a great team is what makes your business successful, but how a team operates and where it operates from has changed over the years. What worked when you started up no longer works as well and you know that your customers want better and faster services from your …

Grow your business with Teamwork solutions

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For Clifton Coffee Roasters, based in Bristol, the first step to growing their business was to improve internal communication and teamwork within the company. In the past, communication among team members was disjointed, so it was challenging for team members to connect in an efficient manner. And as the business expanded and more employees were …

We All Knew Tech Would Make Work Better

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By 2025, 75% of the workforce will be comprised of Millennials. What are you doing to modernise your workplace? Today, the answers are increasingly nuanced, characterised by a cycle of changes in the workplace.

After a revolution in the workplace spurred by technology, companies are finding that a balanced approach may be the most effective. …

Why Your Business Should Embrace The Flexible Working Movement

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In recent years, we have seen both employees and companies increasingly embrace flexible working. For employees, this means less time commuting and more convenient working hours. On the other hand, many large organisations have been keenly integrating this practice into their business culture, encouraged by reports and studies showing that flexibility at work can have …

How Aberdeenshire Council uses Microsoft 365

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Aberdeenshire Council provides services to the 260,000 residents of the region surrounding the city. These services include education, social care, waste disposal, leisure, transportation, and tourism. The council uses Microsoft 365 to give its employees a more flexible, modern working experience so that they can work remotely across the large rural county from any device …

How can Windows 10 and Microsoft 365 Business help your business?

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With its global client base increasing, Think Up Consulting needed to improve its remote working capabilities. Its VPN-based system sometimes made it difficult for employees to remotely access files. And without a centralised platform, employees wasted time switching between disparate systems.

But with Windows 10 and Microsoft 365 Business, Think Up created a unified solution, …

Do you have a Modern Desktop?

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When we talk about a Modern Desktop it means running your business using the Windows 10 Operating system on a desktop or laptop and Office 365 in the cloud.

A modern desktop gives your business:

  • Better productivity by upto 25%
  • Better security, with Microsoft investing over £1 Billion/year on security features
  • Lower Cost: With 20%

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