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3 tech trends to look out for in 2023

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Knowing which new technology to adopt in your business isn’t an easy task. Here are 3 top trends to look out for in 2023.

It’s not easy to know which emerging technologies could make a difference to your business.

Choose wisely and you could boost productivity, increase staff engagement, and grow your profit.

But get …

Windows is the prime target for cyber criminals

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Microsoft Windows is the target of 95% of new malware, so you need to take the right steps to keep your business secure. Our latest blog has all the info you need.

With its huge dominance in the workplace, Microsoft’s Windows has become the prime target for cyber criminals. They’re looking to access your information, …

Tech Update: Are you a huge cyber target?

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If you use Microsoft Windows in your business, there’s a huge cyber target on your back and thousands of criminals have you firmly in their sights. But you don’t have to be a sitting duck. Watch our latest tech update video to learn more about staying safe.

Most workplaces have Microsoft Windows at the heart …

Will you business keep up with the pace of change?

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The next ten years will see more technological change than the whole of the last century. That’s the prediction of one IT expert for businesses as they plan for the years ahead.

According to John Miller of Smarter Technologies Ltd, “The pace of change in tech has always been blistering, but it’s nothing compared with …

When can you finally forget your passwords?

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More big companies are ditching passwords in favour of passkeys. How long before we can safely forget all our passwords? Here’s the latest.

Passkeys are set to take over from traditional passwords to give us a safer, more secure way of logging into our online accounts.

That will be a major step forward for online …

Tech Update: Do you still need passwords?

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Next year, passkeys will start to replace traditional passwords to give us a more secure way of logging into our accounts.  Some of the big password managers are now supporting them, which is great news. Watch our latest tech update video to find out more.

A world without passwords is getting closer by the day …

8 tech trends that you need to be ready for

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December is a month when many of us take time to plan for the year ahead.

But instead of looking at your forecasts for the next 12 months, we’d like you to think about what’s coming up over the next decade.

Will you keep up? Will you choose the right tech? Here’s our guide to …

Are your people Christmas shopping from work?

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Online shopping scams are on the rise, and they could put your business at risk. If your people are shopping using their work devices, take these precautions.

Almost half of people with social media accounts have admitted to falling for shopping scams. So if members of your team are doing a little last minute Christmas …

Tech Update: Social media Christmas shopping scams are here

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Are your employees doing any last-minute online shopping while they’re at work?

You may be OK with this as Christmas gets closer. But the rise in social media and email shopping scams means you need to be aware of the risks.

Our latest tech update video has everything you need to know.

It’s nearly Christmas, …

Technology Insider – December 2022

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Welcome to the December 2022 edition of our Technology Insider newsletter.

We start this month discussing the Metaverse. Imagine a massive 3D virtual space which mimics aspects of the physical world. We can all meet there at the same time, perhaps using virtual reality goggles or augmented reality glasses. It seems like science fiction, yet …

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