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Antivirus Software….Which Should I Choose?

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We all hear so much today about the importance of protecting our personal and business data from online threats.

Therefore with the amount of free and commercial programs around we have decided to write a blog discussing the benefits and drawbacks of a free Antivirus software. Microsoft Security Essentials a free program and AVG

My First Day At College!

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Jake’s Story : My First Day At College

This Morning was a bit different than usual as I had my first day at college to attend…

As of the last few weeks I have been the new  IT apprentice at Smarter Technologies. Starting off as a first year IT apprentice I had no idea what …

Ada Lovelace – The Worlds First Programmer

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The worlds first programmer Ada Lovelace is widely believed to hold this title due to her notes on the first algorithm carried out by a machine. However at the time her work was largely overshadowed by well renowned friend and colleague Charles Babbage who is credited with creating the worlds first computer.

Ada was born …

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