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Tech Update: Microsoft Teams avatars may make meetings more fun

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The metaverse is set to change the way we use the internet forever. Microsoft is trying to ease us in gently with its latest (and most fun) Teams update yet!

Our latest tech update video has the details

Video calls are convenient but not always the most exciting way to spend your time.

And maybe …

3 things to look for in a password manager

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Password managers are amazing pieces of software. They make it easy for you and your staff to stick to password best practice, while saving you time. Everyone wins.

Here are three things you must look for when choosing a password manager for your business.

Password managers are amazing.

These clever applications make good security easy …

Windows 12 is coming

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Windows 12 is on the horizon… you’ve got a couple of years to wait, but it’s good to know what’s coming. We’re keeping an eye on the latest, here’s what we know so far.

While Windows 11 is only just celebrating its first birthday, we’re already hearing our first rumours about what Windows 12 will …

Tech Update: Windows 12 is on the way

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Windows 11 still feels brand new, but we’re hearing whispers of Windows 12 already. Want to know more? Our latest video tells you everything we know so far.

Windows 11 is only a year old, but it looks like Windows 12 will be here sooner than you might think.

Feature details are a little thin …

Avoid consumer password managers in your business

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Don’t use consumer password managers in your business, as it may leave you vulnerable to cyber criminals.

Password managers generate long random passwords for each application, remember the passwords and even autofill login boxes.

They’re an essential business tool – but only if the right type is used.

“This seems like a small thing, but …

Are you using Teams to share sensitive data?

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Are your people using Teams on their own devices? And sharing sensitive data? This could be a MAJOR security risk. Here’s why, and how to protect your business.

Microsoft Teams has fast become one of THE most useful business tools for the way we work today.

No matter where your people work from, they can …

Tech Update: Is Teams safe to share sensitive data?

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Are your employees sharing sensitive files over Teams using their personal devices? It’s highly likely according to new stats. But it needs to stop if you want to keep your data safe.

Our latest tech update video tells you why.

Many of us rely on Microsoft Teams to communicate and collaborate with our colleagues.

It’s …

Everything you need to know about password managers for your business

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If you’re confused about password managers, you’re not alone.

A password manager is software that generates safe passwords, remembers them, and autofills logins for you.

That saves time. But means your business can quickly lock out staff when they leave.

Some people say they’re the best thing ever. Others are more negative.

We believe they’re …

Are you really downloading Zoom… or is it malware?

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When you think about tools for remote working and chatting online, one of the first names in your mind is Zoom.

But its popularity has opened the door for cyber criminals. They’re using its name to steal sensitive data.

Researchers have discovered at least six convincing-looking download sites. They’re not the real thing. They’re designed …

Tech Update: Is that really a Zoom download or is it malware?

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When you’re setting up a new device and downloading Zoom, triple check you’re getting it from the right place. Six fake download sites have recently been uncovered. Here’s how to keep your business safe.

For many of us, Zoom is one of THE go to tools for business video calls.

And when we’re setting up …

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