Is a passkey going to kill passwords?

Is a passkey going to kill passwords?

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No-one likes passwords.

Creating them. Remembering them. Typing them in.

Your whole mood can change when an application you’re using suddenly logs you out, and you have to go through login all over again.

It’s frustrating for everyone.

So here’s some very welcome news, courtesy of Microsoft, Apple and Google. The tech giants have joined …

Mobile data protection is a must!

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Mobile data protection is something most of us don’t even think about. BUT mobile data protection is a must.

When you think about it: what CAN’T you do on your mobile these days?

It’s as powerful as a computer. And with more people working remotely, all businesses are relying on these devices to stay connected. …

Your employees are your biggest cyber security threat

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Cyber crime is a real threat which should be taken very seriously, but a good cyber security process can help.

To protect your business, you may already have some measures in place. Such as anti-virus software, firewalls and a virtual private network.

But do you know what the biggest threat is, to your business?

Your …

How to protect your data from ransomware

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You’ve probably heard of computer malware – but have you heard of ransomware?

It’s what criminals use to target the data in your business.

That’s incredibly valuable to you. Ransomware is a form of malicious software placed on your devices to lock you out of your data. And it’s terrifying.

The criminals will then demand …

Data security and working from home

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Many of us are still working from home despite the Covid-19 lock down easing. When you used to work in the office (remember those days!) your IT support team took care of data security measures for you, but now that you’re working from home you may have to take a bit more care over data …

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