Backing up data saves businesses

Backing up data saves businesses

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A technology expert has launched a new campaign to tell business owners and managers: Backing up data saves businesses.

Manchester-based IT expert John Miller of Smarter Technologies Ltd wanted to educate more business leaders, after seeing first-hand how devastating it can be when data is lost.

“There are so many ways a business can lose its data,” he said.

“Many people think about the big disasters such as theft, fire or flood. But the most common reason to lose data is actually a cyber attack.

“I’ve launched this new campaign to educate local business owners about how to make sure their data is always protected.”

John has written a guide to data backups, using simple language anyone can understand.

You can download “Back Up Your Data. One Day It Could Save Your Business” now from

He added: “There are countless forms of criminal attack, many of them designed to steal your data and either encrypt it or deny you access to it until you pay a ransom.

“This kind of crime doesn’t have to trigger a full scale disaster, but it’s a fact that most small businesses that are hit with a full-on cyber attack don’t recover from it.

“For all these reasons, backing up your data is one of the strongest precautions you can take.

“Set it up properly and make it part of your routine to check that it’s working. Because one day it could save your business.”

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