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Tech Update: Take action to avoid a clever new phishing scam

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There’s a new phishing scam doing the rounds. It’s unusually clever and it impersonates a highly trusted brand name to get a foot in the door. Watch our latest tech update video for all the information.

A new phishing scam is using blank image attachments and a trusted brand name to trick victims into downloading …

3 steps to better cloud security

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Cloud services are convenient, great for remote working and packed with cool features. But how sure are you that your information is secure? We want to tell you about 3 things you can do today to make sure your data’s as secure as possible.

First up is multi-factor authentication – you’ve probably used this with …

When did you last have a health check?

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A routine health check can reveal any issues and set you up for the year ahead. Why not do the same for your business with an IT health check. Our latest blog has all the info.

How’s the January health kick going?

Lots of us take our health seriously – once a year, anyway – …

Tech Update: How’s your health?

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When did you last have an IT health check? We’ll look at your whole set-up – your software, hardware and security systems – and pick up any small problems so that they don’t turn into big ones.

Any doctor will tell you that the sooner you spot a health problem, the easier it is to …

You need to do more to protect your data

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Businesses should be doing more to protect their customers’ personal data. That’s the view of an IT expert, who says that not enough businesses are taking strong precautions against cyber crime.

John Miller of Smarter Technologies Ltd says that a simple phishing attack against a small business could expose thousands of customers’ private information to …

Do your younger employees have skills gaps?

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It seems that Gen Z and even some Millennial employees are less tech savvy than many employers might expect. It’s an assumption that’s leading to a sense of ‘tech shame’.

Younger workers may have grown up using Snapchat, TikTok and Minecraft, but they’re not always equipped with the skills they need to adapt to the …

Tech Update: Are your younger employees experiencing ‘tech shame’?

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Who are your most tech savvy workers? Here’s a hint: it’s probably not your Gen Z employees. Watch our latest video to find out why Gen Z is lacking tech confidence, and what you should do to help.

Younger workers are less comfortable with new technology than you might think.

A new study’s found a …

Your need-to-know guide to cloud security

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The growth of cloud computing has completely changed how we work. But security in a cloud environment can create a long list of its own challenges.

In our new guide, we cut through the jargon to give you all you need to know to protect your business. You’ll discover what you can do for yourself …

Stop monitoring your remote teams

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Countless employers still don’t trust their people to do their best work unless they’re physically in the office. But while managers may be struggling to adjust to our new hybrid world, this perception is a long way from the truth.

Research from around the world reveals that greater flexibility from remote and hybrid working often …

Tech Update: A little trust can go a long way

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How do you feel about remote and hybrid workers in your business? Should you be monitoring them constantly to make sure they’re not slacking off? We think not… watch our latest tech update to find out why.

Hybrid and remote working have had a huge positive impact on businesses around the world.

Most people working …

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