The newest phishing scam is here!

The newest phishing scam is here!

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Picture this: You’re scrolling through your emails, minding your own business, when you see an image of that bag/gadget/pair of trainers you’ve been obsessing over.

You click on it… and just like that, you’ve unknowingly opened the door to cyber criminals.

Sounds like something out of a spy movie, right? But this isn’t Hollywood. It’s …

Tech Update: The latest phishing attack trend

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Heads up! Cyber criminals are always finding new ways to scam you – and this time it’s using images embedded into emails. Stay one step ahead of the game with our latest video. You’ll see how to protect your business from these new image-based phishing scams.

You probably know the drill with phishing attacks… don’t …

AI is making phishing scams more dangerous

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It didn’t take long for crooks to work out how to use AI to improve their scams. Now we know exactly how they’re doing it. And it means you need to be extra cautious with emails.

AI chatbots have taken the world by storm in recent months. We’ve been having fun asking ChatGPT questions, trying …

Tech Update: AI likes phishing

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It didn’t take long… cyber criminals are already using AI chatbots to make their scams even more believable. That means you and your people need to be even more cautious when opening your emails. Our latest tech update video has the details.

Most of us can spot a phishing scam, right?

Spelling mistakes. Bad grammar. …

Why I don’t like phishing

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A cunning new email scam uses blank images and a trusted brand name to lead you and your people to download malware. Fall victim and you risk losing your data.

Another day, another scam. And this is a sneaky one.

Cyber criminals are getting smarter. This recent malware threat is unusually smart. It impersonates a …

Tech Update: Take action to avoid a clever new phishing scam

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There’s a new phishing scam doing the rounds. It’s unusually clever and it impersonates a highly trusted brand name to get a foot in the door. Watch our latest tech update video for all the information.

A new phishing scam is using blank image attachments and a trusted brand name to trick victims into downloading …

How much do you really know about phishing scams?

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Phishing is where someone sends you a fake email pretending to be someone else. They’re hoping you’ll click a bad link or download a dangerous attachment.

Our latest video looks at how you can protect your business from this dangerous crime.

1 in 99 emails is a phishing scam. And a quarter of these slip …

Do you know your phishing, from your vishing or smishing?

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Businesses are being warned about the ongoing dangers of phishing in their email – and other variants being targeted at them through other platforms.

Last year 83% of organisations reported experiencing phishing attacks – that’s up 28% from 2020. And it’s expected there will be an additional 6 billion attacks this year.

These stats have …

What’s phishing and how to avoid it?

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It’s likely you’ve heard of phishing and know it’s something you want to avoid.

But do you know what it really means and exactly how an attack works?

In our experience, lots of people don’t know the specifics. And that’s OK. But the key to keeping your business protected from these attacks is to know …

Don’t take urgent action – it could be a phishing attack

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Phishing scams are one of the biggest security threats to your business right now.

A massive 83% of organisations said they suffered successful attacks last year. And with just under a third of phishing emails being opened, the chances that someone in your business will be fooled are high.

But to make matters more difficult, …

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