Tech Update: Microsoft changes approach to AI

Tech Update: Microsoft changes approach to AI

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Can you see a future where AI is empowering your business?

That might already be happening now, depending on the software you use.

Microsoft’s showing its leadership position by retiring and working some of its AI tools, to meet new standards. Here’s how in future it could empower your business.

We’re at a stage where …

Russian cyber-attack threat

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The ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine has led to a sharp rise in cyber-attacks.

And while many of the attacks are between these two countries, there is very real potential for other countries to fall victim to cyber-attacks by Russia, thanks to the sanctions placed upon it.

Over in the US, President Joe Biden declared …

How to protect your webcam from spies

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In just two short years, a good quality webcam has become a critical tool for everyone. Could you imagine doing business without one?

But hackers are using clever tools to try to spy on people using their webcams.

They can use rogue websites and apps to gain access.

Fortunately, you can protect yourself easily and …

Alert: A clever new type of ransomware attack

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It seems like we’re talking about cyber scams a lot at the moment. And now there’s another new ransomware trick you need to be aware of.

Cyber criminals are smart. They’re forever coming up with new ways to infiltrate your devices and networks to access your valuable data.

Fortunately, the defence weapons continue to get …

Tech Update: A clever new type of ransomware attack

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Cyber criminals have come up with another way to spread malware and ransomware – using the contact form on your business’s website.

Watch our latest tech update video to learn about this new form of attack, and what you can do to keep your business safe.

Your business has a contact form on its website, …

It’s time to check your business’s defences against the threat of Russian cyber attack

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While the cyber security of your business should always be a high priority, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine means that businesses may be at an increased risk of cyber attack.

Although there is no direct threat at present, the West is placing a range of sanctions on Russia. There could be retaliation, and Russia has used …

Tech Update: How the Ukraine invasion could affect your cyber security

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The current situation in Ukraine could have an unexpected impact on your business’s cyber security. It’s possible Russia could launch cyber attacks to hit back against global action.

Official advice is to make sure your business meets current basic cyber security standards. Watch this week’s tech update video to find out how to stay protected.…

Update your device today – here’s why

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You’re hard at work on your computer or device and a message suddenly pops up saying, “a software update is available”. You’re busy, so you click “cancel” instead of “install”, thinking you’ll get to it later, but you never do. Sound familiar?

The truth is it’s easy to skip software updates because they can take …

Mobile data protection is a must!

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Mobile data protection is something most of us don’t even think about. BUT mobile data protection is a must.

When you think about it: what CAN’T you do on your mobile these days?

It’s as powerful as a computer. And with more people working remotely, all businesses are relying on these devices to stay connected. …

6,582 unread messages – do you protect them?

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We receive a lot of emails every day, don’t we?

And, although a proportion of these are spam, there’s also a lot of useful information in there.

If you think back to your last 5 business emails, how much of their content would be considered classified information? That you wouldn’t want someone outside the business …

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