Update your device today – here’s why

Update your device today – here’s why

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You’re hard at work on your computer or device and a message suddenly pops up saying, “a software update is available”. You’re busy, so you click “cancel” instead of “install”, thinking you’ll get to it later, but you never do. Sound familiar?

The truth is it’s easy to skip software updates because they can take …

Mobile data protection is a must!

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Mobile data protection is something most of us don’t even think about. BUT mobile data protection is a must.

When you think about it: what CAN’T you do on your mobile these days?

It’s as powerful as a computer. And with more people working remotely, all businesses are relying on these devices to stay connected. …

6,582 unread messages – do you protect them?

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We receive a lot of emails every day, don’t we?

And, although a proportion of these are spam, there’s also a lot of useful information in there.

If you think back to your last 5 business emails, how much of their content would be considered classified information? That you wouldn’t want someone outside the business …

Never have to remember a password again

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Remembering lots of different passwords can be a nightmare. That’s why it feels easier to use a memorable password like fluffy123 to access all of the different accounts you regularly use. But doing this is the quickest way to get yourself hacked and put your business at risk.

Having a strong, randomly generated unique password …

It’s the fastest growing crime on the planet – ransomware

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Ransomware is terrifying. Just terrifying!

Imagine switching on your work computer one morning. And instead of the screen you normally see, the screen has gone totally red. There’s a message telling you your business’s data has been locked. And the only way to get it back is to pay thousands in Bitcoin.

This is not …

A password manager makes life simpler

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How’s your manager working out for you at the moment?

Not the one with the mountain of work on their desk. Your password manager.

You do have one, don’t you?

Because, you know how important it is to use a unique, randomly generated password for every app you use, and site you visit.

Don’t …

See if your business’s data is for sale with dark web monitoring

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The dark web is used by cyber criminals to buy and sell personal data online.

If your information is found on the dark web, it means that your data’s been breached. And an attack on you is more likely in the future.

The dark web is seen as the underbelly of the Internet. It is …

Covid-19 is an amazing opportunity for cyber criminals

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Because of COVID-19, we’re spending more time at home, and more time online.

This creates a lucrative opportunity for cyber criminals. They’ll do anything they can to scam innocent people and businesses.

There’s already been a huge number of COVID-19 related phishing attacks. Which is why you and your business need to stay alert.

If …

Your employees are your biggest cyber security threat

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Cyber crime is a real threat which should be taken very seriously, but a good cyber security process can help.

To protect your business, you may already have some measures in place. Such as anti-virus software, firewalls and a virtual private network.

But do you know what the biggest threat is, to your business?

Your …

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