Your staff are you biggest cyber security risk

Your staff are you biggest cyber security risk

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IT expert, John Miller, is warning businesses that the biggest threat to their data isn’t just dangerous malware – it’s actually their own staff.

Technology expert John Miller of Smarter Technologies Ltd believes it’s not staff acting maliciously, but being tricked by cyber criminals… often without realising it.


“There are many great cyber security tools available, and businesses absolutely should be using them,” John said.

“But cyber criminals rely on people making mistakes to break into systems. It only takes one person to unwittingly click one link in a bad email, and criminals can get in.”

Now John is highlighting the need for regular cyber security awareness training for all staff, no matter their role.

“My goal is to help local business owners understand that cyber security is about more than using the latest technology. It’s about creating a culture of security awareness.

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“Up to 90% of cyber attacks are successful because of human error.

“Educating your people can be one of the most powerful security tools at your disposal. Yet many businesses overlook this kind of training.”

He said: “If you’re serious about protecting your business and its data, it’s something that you can’t afford to neglect.”

John has written a new guide that explains how business owners can create their own cyber security awareness training plan and test its effectiveness.

‘Human error: Your biggest cyber security risk’ is available to download now.

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