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IT Tips for the Not-For-Profit Sector

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We know money can be tight in the Not-For-Profit Sector. We have been providing IT services and support to non-profit and UK charity organisations for over 16 years. Throughout this time we have identified some tips which may be beneficial to those working in this sector.

Tip Number 1Microsoft Security Essentials:

Microsoft Security …

Beware Viruses are Lurking

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There are some nasty viruses going around at the moment that’ll either encrypt your data and demand a ransom to unlock it (easily resolved by restoring data from backups, but that does require time to do) or try to grab your username and password when you carry out activities such as Internet banking (possibly much …

Thinking of offering Guest WI-FI? Make sure it’s secure!

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Isn’t it nice whenever you’ve taken your laptop to a coffee shop or café and been able to make use of the free Wi-Fi connection? Being able to offer free internet access in your business can sometimes take careful planning. Especially if your customer facing Wi-Fi isn’t secure you risk non-customers using your Wi-Fi without …

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