Technology Insider – June 2023

Technology Insider – June 2023

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Welcome to the June 2023 edition of our Technology Insider newsletter.

Are you thinking about downsizing your office space, or going fully remote? Moves can be stressful, and relocating your IT systems takes careful planning. Read our top three suggestions to help make your move go smoothly.

If your business doesn’t have a good cyber …

Tech Update: The end of Windows 10

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Microsoft has announced there will be no new feature updates for Windows 10. You’ll still be able to use it to run your business, but maybe it’s time to upgrade to Windows 11.  Our latest video will help you make up your mind.

Have you heard? Microsoft’s announced there’ll be no more feature updates for …

The final curtain call for Windows 10: What you need to know

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Microsoft has announced that the current version of Windows 10, released in 2022, will be its final release.

If you’re currently using Windows 10, you might wonder what this means for your day-to-day operations.

The good news is that your computers won’t suddenly stop working. Nor will the current updates and security patches for Windows …

Windows 10 is getting a very useful Windows 11 feature

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There’s no denying the Windows 11 has a lot of really cool new features.

If you haven’t made the move from Windows 10 yet, you’re missing out.

But there’s good news. To make the (eventual) move from Windows 10 to 11 a little easier, Microsoft is sharing a couple of 11’s most useful features.

The …

Tech Update: Windows 11 features come to Windows 10

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Still using Windows 10? Good news – it’s getting a couple of the most useful features from Windows 11. They’ll help you save time, increase privacy, and… stop paper waste! Here’s what you need to know.

There are lots of great new features in Windows 11. And now some of them are making their way …

Ever wondered if your apps are spying on you?

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It’s no secret that some applications are a little too interested in us and what we’re doing.

We’ve all had this experience. You might be talking to a friend about a new product that you’d like to try. Or perhaps you’ve discussed somewhere you’d like to visit.

Then the next time you go online you …

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