Now AI can make your Teams meetings more productive

Now AI can make your Teams meetings more productive

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Microsoft Teams has a game changing new addition. It’s a new AI-based intelligent meeting recap feature that will even summarise actions. Here are all the benefits to your business.

Are you tired of wasting precious time in meetings, only to leave feeling confused and disorganised?

Do you struggle to keep track of all the action …

Tech Update: More power to Teams

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Microsoft has introduced yet another new productivity-boosting feature to Teams – and this one is AI-based.

Meeting Recap will summarise your meetings and even make a list of the action points. Our new video shows you its other benefits.

Do you ever feel like the whole point of a Teams meeting was lost on you? …

Can Zoom be as a good as Teams?

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Zoom has announced a bunch of new services that could rival the likes of Microsoft Teams and Slack. But will it be as widely adopted? Our latest tech update has all the details.

You think Zoom, you think video calls. For millions around the world, it’s a tool they rely on at work every day.…

Tech Update: Zoom wants to be the new Teams

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Zoom is aiming to take on the likes of Microsoft Teams and Slack, with a whole suite of new tools and collaboration features.

We’ll be watching what happens but it’s going to take a lot to tempt businesses away from Teams. Here’s the lowdown.

You think Zoom, you think video calls.

It’s always been something …

Tech Update: Is your team wasting time setting up video calls?

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How much time are you losing each week thanks to your video calling set up?

It could be a lot more than you expect. And it’s making a big dent in your business productivity.

Watch our latest tech update video to see how you can save hours each month.

Video calls can be a massive …

Are you losing hours each week setting up video calls?

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Your employees could be wasting a whole working week each year, setting up video calls.

It’s not their ability that’s causing the problem, and it can be a simple fix.

You could be losing a full-time working week for every member of your team, thanks to the hassle of setting up video calls.

Video conferencing …

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