Finding his voice with VoIP

Finding his voice with VoIP

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HandsetAdam’s been busy learning about and installing VoIP systems over the last two months.

You may remember that two years ago we upgraded YMCA Black Country Group’s (YMCABC) IT infrastructure across 17 sites in the West Midlands. We had an extensive period before to plan ahead, and one of the facilities which we recommended, and which we felt could save them a significant amount of their budget, was the installation of a VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) system across the whole organisation.

So what’s VoIP?

VoIP  is a telecommunications system which uses the broadband connection to carry the call rather than using a traditional switchboard. Therefore, rather than the traditional phone line going through the switchboard exchange, the call is sent as individual data packets through your router and data connection. As you can imagine, there are quite a few benefits to using this format for your office phones, the most obvious one being the cost savings and onsite integration with your server. You can read more about VoIP in our blog HERE.

Back to The Black Country

Last month, Adam and John were despatched to the Black Country to install the new telecoms system for YMCABC. Working with our partner, Warrington-based iDeal Unified Communications, who were providing the hardware and service, Adam helped to create a detailed plan of action to ensure that nothing was overlooked during the installation and to keep it as snag-free as possible.

Before any work could start, iDeal Unified Communications organised for some new broadband lines to be installed by BT Openreach. Once this was done, Adam and John went round to each building to connect each phone (these were also supplied by iDeal). YMCABC has many sites located across the West Midlands and it meant that the original planning work which Smarter Technologies had done before upgrading the IT infrastructure two years ago had come in useful; before Adam arrived to fit in the VoIP system, he had a good idea what he needed to do and so was prepared. Adam had to go to each of the YMCABC buildings and install each handset and ensure that they were all working.

Unlike traditional phone lines and switchboards, before VoIP phones are connected, changes are needed to the broadband router settings – mainly VPN and service provider credentials. One of the multiple benefits of this telephone system means that you can add other facilities on to the system i.e. call recording, statistics for call duration, location, etc.

Saving money on the phone bills

Two days later, we had completed connecting all the new handsets and YMCABC were ready to start saving money on their phone bills through their new system.

To learn more about Voice over IP phone systems, please get in touch with us on 01706 367036 or drop us a message through our contacts page on our website. There are lots of ways we can save businesses money and time, by checking that their IT systems are working properly, suggesting improvements or just re-configuring servers. Get in touch for a no-obligation chat now!

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