Customer Service Can Be Great

Customer Service Can Be Great

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SOS HomecareWhen Adam started his apprenticeship with us at Smarter Technologies last year, we were impressed with his attention to detail and his great customer service skills. These two skills have been the key to his growth, and contribution to the first-class client service, which we pride ourselves on. Over the last few months, he has worked hard to learn not just the technical skills which an IT specialist should have, but he has grown into a great provider of service and advice. Last month, Adam was involved with customer service right from the beginning for the very first time.

SOS Homecare is a Manchester-based company whom, as their name suggests, offer excellent care for those who need additional help in their day-to-day life. We are delighted to have them on board as our newest client and we introduced Adam to the company directors at the very beginning to learn about the complete client journey.

From the beginning

At the outset, we sit down with our new clients and discuss their current arrangements, see what is working for them, and what might help fix that which isn’t. The other reason is to see what we can do to help them grow and develop as a company. One of the first jobs we do for a new client, is to survey their systems and their locations. Adam visited all the sites and surveyed all of the PCs to ensure that we had all the information we required to look after them and their servers. Gathering network data and system information is important so that we can manage our client’s service with none or hardly any interruption.

Once we knew what was needed for each machine, we could then start building a plan to deliver the customer service SOS Homecare needed. Adam evaluated the requirements for each user then he, and the team, started updating software, checking for network issues and scheduling maintenance for SOS Homecare. Earning our client’s trust allows us to help them more completely, upgrades to complement their business plans and budgets can be suggested, and our clients can trust that we would never sell them anything they didn’t need.

Customer service is the key

Regular contact with clients and scheduled maintenance are two of the most important aspects of customer service. By close contact, our customers know that they can contact us for any reason and trust that we are taking care of their network and infrastructure for them. Protecting their business by regular, scheduled maintenance can cut down instances of major errors by spotting problems before they become expensive, or cause widespread disruption.

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