6,582 unread messages – do you protect them?

6,582 unread messages – do you protect them?

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We receive a lot of emails every day, don’t we?

And, although a proportion of these are spam, there’s also a lot of useful information in there.

If you think back to your last 5 business emails, how much of their content would be considered classified information? That you wouldn’t want someone outside the business to freely know?

2 in 5?

3 in 5?

So with that in mind, what are you doing to protect the contents of your inbox?

What would happen if you sat at your desk one day to find all of your emails had been accessed? Forwarded elsewhere? Or deleted?

How would you manage if one of your people deleted their inbox before never coming back to the office again? How would you know whether they’d taken a personal copy of their emails?

Hopefully, these are unlikely scenarios. But if disaster did strike, wouldn’t you feel better if:

  • You knew you had a backup of all of the emails that came in and out of your business, stored away for emergencies like this
  • You had tools monitoring for unusual email behaviour
  • You were automatically alerted to a problem, so you could get your IT support partner to take urgent action on it.

These are all things that we can help with.

If you’d like to discuss setting up email backup and protection tools for your business, or any other technology-related questions, and would like some advice, give us a call on 0345 319 4877 (local call rate). We’ll be happy to help you.

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