Wi-fi for Supported Housing

Wi-fi for Supported Housing

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wi-fi logoAccommodation and support for homeless people in Blackpool is provided by The Ashley Foundation (TAF).  One of the key aims of the support provided by The Ashley Foundation is to enable personal growth and self-development, and so the people who use the service are provided with the resources to enable them to support themselves by finding a job and to then move-on to their own accommodation.

Most employers and social landlords now require applications to be submitted on-line. This can be difficult for people in supported accommodation, but TAF committed to placing Internet access in all of its hostels.

How We Helped

Smarter Technologies was asked to put wi-fi access points in the hostels in Blackpool.  This required the use of multiple access points in the hostels as all of them are large, former hotels with several floors.  The hostels all were all built at the turn of the 20th century and as you would expect running 21st century data cables and ensuring perfect wi-fi coverage in three and four story, solid brick buildings with iron reinforced floors was a challenge. However, detailed planning and a prior wi-fi coverage surveys meant that installation in each building took less than 1 day with minimum disruption to the everyday running of the hostels.

Now all of the residents can apply on-line safely and securely for benefits, jobs and housing using their own smartphones or PCs supplied by TAF.

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