Upgrading Productivity

Upgrading Productivity

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Owning a hair and beauty salon can be stressful at times never mind with the rush of Christmas and a fully booked calendar. So when Kelly’s IT systems began to fail and become increasingly slow, booking appointments became very frustrating to both herself, her employees and most importantly her clients, which was losing her business.

After being recommended to Kelly we realised that she needed to upgrade her booking appointment software. However her current PC didn’t meet the required specifications for the software as it needed more hardware and upgrading to Windows 10 first.

It was crucial to ensure that appointments and client details had been backed up and could easily be reinstated later on in the process. Once all of Kelly’s data had been backed up to an external source, we installed the new hardware. It was then important that we carefully tested everything was in working order before we began to upgrade Windows. Once upgrading Windows and installing all updates was completed we began to reinstate the data taken from the backup. It was now the job of the company who created the booking appointment software to connect to the PC remotely and install the new software Kelly needed.

Kelly also asked us how she could be more productive by booking appointments and creating documents from any location or mobile device. We recommended Microsoft Office 365 which would allow her to store her information in the “cloud”. Previously Kelly had also been using a Hotmail email account which did not provide the brand name image she wanted. We provided Kelly with a new domain name, purehairhealthandbeauty.co.uk, which would give her clients and potential clients a more professional feel when communicating via email. Kelly is also benefitting from being able to access her software and systems from any internet enabled location which has allowed her to respond to clients more quickly and therefore provide a better customer service which is paramount for her business sector. Kelly now has plans to create a website using her new domain name as well.

Office 365 allows flexible solutions for businesses needs such as :

  • Productivity – Microsoft has invested heavily in trying to make the user and admin experiences of Office 365 as easy and simple as possible.
  • Access from anywhere – Accessing the internet has some big advantages which means Kelly can access documents and emails from any internet enabled location.
  • Control and efficiency - Microsoft has gone out of its way to create an unprecedented level of control for administrators.

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