Your Data Could Be Stolen!

Your Data Could Be Stolen!

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unusal data hacksWhen you think of a cyber security attack the first thing you may think is that the criminals have attacked your PC, tablet, credit card or even phone. However today the world has become increasingly connected meaning more and more of our everyday devices are being hooked to an internet network meaning there are more options for attack on your data. Fridges, televisions, central heating and even irons are the last items you might think of that can put you at risk.

In this blog we explore some of the unusual items which can be at risk of hacking:

#1 Irons

The last thing you might have been expecting…
Today increasingly consumers are buying smart irons. Recent reports made from Russia suggested that some irons were found to include a Wi-Fi scanning chip which could connect to unprotected Wi-Fi networks and spread viruses.

#2 Central Heating

The rise in smart central heating has grown over the last few years with solutions available allowing you to control your heating from a smartphone. However, smart thermostats are another device which can, unfortunately, be hacked. A team from Pen Test Partners demonstrated a proof concept showing how ransomware can be uploaded to a smart thermostat.

#3 Vaping

Some E- cigarettes are charged by plugging into a USB port. In the unlikely circumstances that criminals have got involved in the manufacturing source, they can potentially gain access to your network. This could cause you to end up with an infected E- cigarette which once plugged into your PC could expose you to malware.

As you can see the number of things which can be hacked is growing daily however it must be said these types of hacks on everyday smart items at the moment is rare.

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