The Virtual Reality Chef

The Virtual Reality Chef

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VRKitchenHave you heard of Virtual Reality? Odds on you have, but have you seen it used to help sales or to aid the design process? Our apprentice, Adam has been working on understanding how he can adapt freely available technology for the good of our clients.

Most people have seen adverts from a particular mobile phone manufacturer who have marketed their own virtual reality headset, which works with their smart phones to give you 3D images and films. This hardware is relatively cheap (you can pick up a headset for around £12-£15 from high street shops) and lends itself to lots of different applications, so it was a clear choice when Adam started planning his project. Working with this type of technology means that almost anyone with a smart phone can use one to view 3D imagery and videos.

Practical Virtual Reality solutions

Being a part of our team, and being a practical man, Adam is constantly looking for solutions to our client problems, and this was the driving force behind his new project. Working in the online software platform; 3D Sketchup, Adam built a 3D model of his own design so that he could understand how it could work for the benefit of our clients. After he’d done this, he exported it to his mobile phone and then used one of our virtual reality headsets to view the final version. Once he was satisfied that it worked and could be used for more complicated designs, he spoke to one of our clients who design and manufacture kitchens and asked if he could use one of their designs.

Our client sent 3 designs for Adam to use and he immediately got to work. Using plans and elevations of the kitchen designs, Adam built a 3D model of the product in 3D Sketchup and viewed it through his smart phone. From this starting point, the idea came to us that if we had exact measurements of a room and its contents, we could build a precise replica of it in 3D, we could use this to help us plan our site visits and installations with great detail. Doing this would speed up site visits, save money for clients and improve our productivity.

Adam said that he’d approached the project with confidence: “It was an area which I knew, as I have done this kind of work before, so it made this project very enjoyable. I felt like I could just get on with it with very little guidance.”

Tech tools for the future

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