Office Moving Made Easy

Office Moving Made Easy

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Office relocationMoving and transferring IT equipment to a new office is a daunting prospect especially if your business has a lot of important data. You may be concerned it could end up lost or in the wrong hands if an inexperienced company is assisting you in the relocation.

Acorn House (Fostering Services) Limited is an independent fostering agency providing high-quality foster care and services to children, young people, and their families.

Before the Christmas break of 2016 we were asked by Acorn House to assist in an office move as they needed a bigger space and access to a conference room. Because of the scale of the move we felt it would be most convenient to carry it out when employees weren’t present in order to cause the least possible disruption to the business. Before starting anything we conducted a site survey and had project meetings with the directors of Acorn House to make sure everyone was aware of what would be happening.

The first procedure we needed to do was collect all the IT equipment from the old office asking the employees to apply labels to equipment such as monitors and printers etc. We then transported this equipment over to the new location making sure that all employees had the same equipment in order to cause the least disruption.

Our next procedure was to patch the network points in the new office space correctly, once done we could add all the devices to the network.

Voice over IP (VoIP) was set up, as previously Acorn House used a traditional telephone system, which was no longer suitable for the business. We then needed to install network equipment into the client’s data cabinet including a server. We also needed to change several records on the broadband account as since they moved location they also had a new IP address. The duration of the move took one day to successfully get Acorn House ready for 2017 in their new premises.

Ian Hopkins, company director of Acorn House (Fostering Services) Limited explains…

“I was delighted with the way the technical side of the office move went – very little downtime and no problems whatsoever. I was pleased with the way that Smarter Technologies worked with our other suppliers to get the job done seamlessly.

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