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Imaging IT

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clonedsheepWhat is PC imaging?

Have you ever heard of PC imaging? We thought not. For those of us who need multiple PCs setting up in our office, time is usually a major issue and Microsoft Windows imaging can be a time-efficient and therefore cost-saving way of achieving it.

Most of us have absolutely no idea what imaging a Windows 10 PC is all about, but over the last few weeks, Adam, our apprentice, has been learning how to set up a generalised PC image (copy of the configuration). The resulting Windows 10 image can be used as a general template for other PCs which we may set up needing the same configuration.

How does Windows 10 imaging help my business?

Windows 10, like many other operating systems, comes with a full suite of programs, some of which you will need, and some which you won’t. Editing down those ones which you don’t need, gives you back valuable space on your PC (and server for virtual desktops), it can also result in your PC running a little faster because it will be using less of the processor for running unneeded programs. If you have a few PCs within your office and you need to upgrade them quickly, imaging (copying) the configuration can be a more efficient way of completing the task. It means that less is being installed on to the machine or server and less needs adjusting for the user and therefore a quicker installation. For many of our clients, ensuring that we complete work on their networks or PCs quickly is very important because it means that their business doesn’t suffer from down-time and their staff are back to work as soon as possible.

What Adam did next

Imaging a Windows 10 PC isn’t just a straight forward job, and before Adam could start on the project, he had to work at understanding the full process which he needed to go through to prepare properly.

Using a spare PC in our office, Adam uninstalled the existing software and installed a fresh copy of Windows 10 and the other standard pieces of software which would be needed, then he started customising it so that the applications which our clients would need could be added. This generalised version of Windows 10 was saved and used as the version which would be the basis for the other machines which were required.

The benefits of setting up multiple PCs in this manner means that, providing the initial version of Windows 10 is created correctly, it reduces user error during the set up and saves time. In addition to this, removing unwanted software during the imaging stage, can mean that valuable server space can be saved whilst installing virtual desktops.

Want to know more?

Get in touch with us to learn more about this process and if it can help your business. We’d be delighted to tell you about the benefits and give you a no-obligation quote.

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