Combine VoIP and Mobile Calls

Combine VoIP and Mobile Calls

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How clever is your mobile phone? Can it seamlessly receive calls made to your business landline and to its own mobile number no matter where you are, or how you are connected: mobile data or Wi-Fi?

A hosted VoIP system will combine VoIP and mobile calls in one simple app on your smartphone. You can use the app to cleverly divide calls to your landline number from your mobile calls, allowing you to have two separate phone numbers on the same device. It’s all very convenient.

Speaking of convenient – a hosted VoIP system will allow you to combine VoIP and mobile calls in ways you may not have thought of. For instance, you could be on your mobile and then switch the call to your desk-based phone seamlessly allowing you to always answer any customer query. By combining smartphone technology with office telephony customers are better served as the software on all devices includes click-to-dial, contact search features and call previews.

There will always be times when you can’t answer a call – but when you combine VoIP and mobile calls no call will not be answered because phones can be connected in a hunt group, that’s when a call is bounced between a number of employees to be answered. It will always be possible to connect to someone. Additionally, our hosted VoIP phone service save your business money because there are no call forwarding and mobile phone charges.

Your mobile phone is turned into a business extension using a hosted VoIP service. Employees can call each other using extension to extension dialling using the simple app on their smartphones, eliminating call charges. You can always be reached wherever you are but your customer has the convenience of using a single phone number. You can provide your employees with a single direct dial number that connects all their devices. Productivity is increased as employees are easy to reach regardless of where they are.

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