5 Reasons why I became an IT Apprentice

5 Reasons why I became an IT Apprentice

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5 Reasons why I became an IT Apprentice by Alex!

Deciding the right career path can sometimes prove to be very difficult especially if you don’t know exactly what job it is you want and the added pressure that today unlike 10 years ago young people are faced with far more choices and complex decisions to make.

Therefore I thought it might be useful for other young people to hear about why I decided to become an IT Apprentice  and why it was the right choice for me. I would like to share my experience and hopefully pass on some useful information.

#1 Perfect start to a career.

An apprenticeship has given me the opportunity to get straight in to a career in IT providing me with skills that I can use throughout my life. Doing an apprenticeship has also provided me with a high level of support from both colleagues and from tutors which I think has helped to set me up perfectly my current job and for future challenges I might face.

#2 No more education.

Well Almost…… Doing an apprenticeship means that I’m not required to attend full time education as I receive training from experienced staff and only need to visit Bury College one day a week and still gain a nationally recognised qualification. Training in a real working environment as well as some class room based theory has been a great mix. Ensuring I have the relevant skills rather than just class room based theory.

#3 Earn while you learn.

A big advantage of doing an apprenticeship is that you earn whilst gaining training at the same time. Another bonus of completing an apprenticeship is at the end you are debt free unlike many students who go on to complete a university degree. I also receive all the same benefits as other employees including paid holidays. However this might depend on your employer but it’s worth checking what benefits are available if you go on to become an apprentice.

#4 Creating opportunities

There is a good chance of securing a job at the end of my two years training. Experiences and the knowledge I have gained through my on the job training would significantly increase my chances of finding a job in a similar role and possibly more so than someone who has only had theory based training.

#5 A final thought

Many companies believe that apprentices increase the quality of their workforce therefore becoming an apprentice will put you in higher demand from employers.


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