Your IT Support Partner

A recent survey carried out by Smarter Technologies has shown that organisations understand the valuable role of IT in helping them move forward and are seeking to review their systems on a regular basis with the help of a trusted IT support partner. The survey generated a lot of positive feedback – particularly compliments on the “prompt response service” and “care and attention to detail” provided by Smarter Technologies. The review also highlighted areas where customers would welcome more advice and help.

John Miller, director of Smarter Technologies, comments: “It is vital to understand our customers’ business plans as organisations are becoming more dependent on IT and it is playing a greater role in the way an organisation performs. As a result we are introducing the extra services requested.”

The demand for disaster recovery plans was high-lighted and in response to this Smarter Technologies will be preparing free, bespoke plans for all current clients. If something drastic occurs, which compromises their IT systems, this strategy will be followed to recover data and restore IT systems. The procedures will be written and adapted according to each clients’ current software and hardware and, if the correct backup procedures have been followed, then the majority of data will be recovered.

As an additional part of the emergency plan initiative, Smarter Technologies will be making hardware available to rent, which can be installed quickly. The printers, computers and pay-as-you-go broadband dongles will also be available for non-emergency situations.

Finally, customers are asking for fresh ideas and new software updates so Smarter Technologies will be holding seminars about innovations in the IT world which it feels will be of benefit to their organisations. Smarter Technologies is a Microsoft® registered partner and Microsoft Small Business Specialist which allows them to invite customers to test trial versions of upcoming software, providing them with the opportunity to explore and understand helpful new features personally.

For more information about our services please get in touch using our contact form or give us a call on 0345 319 4887.

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