Office IT Relocation

chairAs you may imagine, there is more involved in a successful office IT relocation than simply disconnecting and reconnecting computers and servers, and then turning on the power after the move.  A well-planned IT relocation makes the difference between being fully operational and fully productive on the morning after your move versus having chaos, angry customers, and frustrated staff, resulting in downtime and lost revenue.  In an ideal world, your employees should be able to resume business after the move in the new office exactly the way they were functioning the day before the move (in fact, even more productively!)

Moving your IT equipment is not as simple as packing a few boxes and so your office IT relocation is best handled by our skilled IT technicians who have the expertise to carry it out as efficiently as possible. Even if your organisation has a dedicated IT department, they may not have the time, resources or experience to manage the smooth migration of your IT and telecoms systems to your new office.

Moving office is the ideal time to upgrade your IT systems and review your telecoms service providers. We’ll make a detailed assessment of your current IT and business phone systems and recommend worthwhile upgrades that could save your organisation money and help improve the future efficiency of your operations.

Having an expertly planned IT migration strategy in place will help you enjoy a smooth, stress-free relocation, so that your organisation experiences the same level of service throughout your office move and for many years afterwards.

If you would like more information about our office IT relocation services please get in touch using our contact form or give us a call on 0345 319 4887.

Secure and Successful IT Relocation

For most organisations, IT has become an essential element for running their operations and so it is important to give careful thought to this aspect of your office move, so that IT equipment and business phone systems are fully functional from day one in your new office.

The most important aspect of a smooth IT relocation is to ensure that your systems are up and running as quickly as possible which requires:

  1. Selecting the most appropriate network and cabling configuration;
  2. Efficient reinstallation of all PCs, printers, servers and business phone systems;
  3. Testing all systems on the network;
  4. Providing post-relocation support for your staff.

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