Smart IT Solutions Reduce Costs

BYPHSDuring the recession many organisations have been hit hard, not least charities, which have seen donations fall and are now facing severe cuts in funding by the government. Their challenge is to work within tight budgets without compromising the quality of their services. Bolton Young Person’s Housing Scheme, which houses homeless young adults, recently tackled this dilemma by seeking smart IT solutions to upgrade its software and reduce overheads following a review with its long term IT consultancy, Smarter Technologies.

Bolton Young Person’s Housing Scheme operates a ‘hot desking’ system with staff sharing computers – as they regularly work out of the office – and to enable them to bring in freelancers to cope when the workload is particularly heavy. In addition, the team often work until late in the evenings requiring access to key documents on the server. Smarter Technologies evaluated the system and suggested several recommendations to cope with these demands more effectively, including an upgrade to the latest versions of Microsoft Windows from its current software, Windows XP, as it was no longer suitable.

Smarter Technologies also introduced Bolton Young Person’s Housing Scheme to the Microsoft Software Donations Programme administered by Technology Trust which meant that it paid a fraction of the price than if it had bought off the shelf.

Lynne Sprigings, director of Bolton Young Person‘s Housing Scheme, explained: “Changing our IT systems really enhanced our way of working which includes late hours at home. The upgrades now mean we can access our data with remote access technology quickly and securely to continue working when required. It has also allowed us to utilise freelancers more effectively.

“As a small business it’s really important for us to have reliable and responsive IT support, which Smarter Technologies supplies.” she added.

Windows 10 Benefits

  • The familiar made better - The desktop you're used to, with its familiar folders and icons, is still here. And not just still here, it's actually better than before, with a new task manager and streamlined file management. And you can always get to your desktop, and back to your Start screen again, with a tap or click.
  • Multitask with apps - Windows 10 lets you work the way you want. Move easily from one thing to another by multitasking on any Windows PC or tablet. Pull up a Wikipedia article to settle a debate with the colleague you're on Skype with. Or play a presentation video while polishing your talk. Depending on your screen size, you can see up to four apps at once.
  • Your files are always with you - OneDrive is free online storage that's built into Windows 10. Save documents, photos, and other files to OneDrive automatically, and get to them anytime, from any of your PCs or devices. And you can use OneDrive to protect your files if something happens to your PC.

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