Understand online threats

Understand online threats

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online threats

The internet offers a massive amount of useful technology and information however along the way it presents threats, so we have provided a guide to the different threats you should know about. Malicious software, or malware, is the term used when referring to computer viruses, spyware and other software that is intended to harm your computer.

Viruses:  Designed to enter your computer and edit your files or delete them. Viruses can also replicate themselves to consume disk space and lower system performance. Viruses can gain access to a system through a multitude of exploits such as fake downloads and email attachments..

Adware: A type of malware that is intended to spam your computer with advertisement banners. They are even known to advertise fake versions of genuine websites in order to carry out attacks.

Spyware: Used to collect information about the computers user  including browsing habits and activities that are carried out on the PC. Information is then sent away to a remote user.

Spamming: This is when a email is widely distributed and often floods your mail box commonly showing up as junk. While spam may not be intended to do direct damage it can clog up mail boxes and malware can be distributed via spamming.

If you feel your systems may be at risk or you may already be infected with malware then please give us a call. Our helpful staff will guide you through what needs to be done confidently and efficiently.

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