Tech Update: Soon Chrome will block disruptive notifications

Tech Update: Soon Chrome will block disruptive notifications

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Fed up getting alerts from websites you only visited once or twice… but made the mistake of allowing them to send you notifications?

Lots of people are – so Google is changing Chrome to do something about it. Here’s what they have planned.

I’m sure this has happened to you. You visit a website and a pop-up asks if it can send you notifications.

You click yes… and within a few days you totally regret it.

It’s one thing to get the odd news update. And another to be bombarded with alerts.

This has a name. It’s called notification spam. And it can kill productivity in your business.

There’s good news. Google’s working on a new feature to automatically block alerts from websites it’s decided are ‘abusive’ or ‘disruptive’.

Once blocked, the site won’t be able to ask permission to send notifications.

We’re not sure when this new feature will be released. So if you need help reducing notification spam for your staff before then, get in touch.

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