Looking to the future at a Microsoft in Person Event!!

Looking to the future at a Microsoft in Person Event!!

Windows 10

Alex’s Story

As part of my apprenticeship at Smarter Technologies I was able to attend the Microsoft in Person Event held in central Manchester at the Malmaison hotel. The event was an all-day event aimed at Microsoft partners that work with small and midsized customers.

Smarter Technologies have been a Microsoft partner for over six years. The event was split in to five modules mostly discussing how Windows 10 can be implemented, the benefits and any new features. The event also discussed office 365 and a great deal on the benefits of Microsoft cloud.

It was very interesting and I can see it being very useful information in the future. What I was particularly interested in and what I felt would be most useful to our clients was the module called ‘Windows 10 Management and Compatibility’ which discussed Mobility and its importance in detail. Currently many business’s find that in order to sign in to their company’s domain they have to be in the office or if there is a remote system in place most users have to enter their credentials a number of times which can be time-consuming.

However what’s different about Windows 10 is that you can use the cloud and your on site server to authenticate users who use mobile devices who are on the move. These devices can be company owned or employees can bring personally owned device’s (BYOD) which still have to meet the same configuration criteria of the on site computers. Allowing the admin team to still control the settings at all times. Giving security peace of mind to the business and providing the end-user a more efficient experience as credentials don’t have to be entered multiple times.

Which would allow many businesses to improve their business needs so much more effectively enabling a strong efficient mobile workforce. The event also highlighted how Windows 10 can deliver solutions to map other business goals such as growing sales and keeping data protected.

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