Cloud Backup Solution

Cloud Backup Solution

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Cloud BackupRecently we were contacted by Urban Outreach to discuss a backup solution.

Urban Outreach is an innovative charity based in Bolton. Founded in 1990 and supported by over 250 volunteers in the areas of food handling and sorting, foodbank and winter café, Urban Outreach is a Christian Charity providing a person-centred approach to support the most disadvantaged, vulnerable and complex adults and young people in Bolton.


Although Urban Outreach already had a hard drive based backup solution in place they were concerned about data loss as a neighbouring building had recently been destroyed by a fire.  We recommended a backup methodology that included having a backup onsite (their existing hard drive based solution with spare hard drives stored in a fire safe) and a new offsite backup solution, as well as the current shadow copy file system, to ensure all documents are recoverable in case of any data loss or immediate damage to their building.


Like many charitable organisations funding becomes tight and fluctuates over a period of time, therefore a monthly subscription to a cloud service provider plus an upgrade in broadband connection to upload files would not be in the best interests of, and be affordable over the long term for, Urban Outreach. Therefore, we implemented a second server, using some spare hardware they had and using donation software from the Microsoft Software Donations Programme, at a separate site run by Urban Outreach. This would be an exact replica to their current file system because as files are saved on the main server they are encrypted and securely transported over the Internet to the second server.  In this way the initial costs were kept low and the on-going operational costs are negligible.

Is a safe and secure backup solution something you’d like to find out more about or possibly something you need?

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